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Backyard Iditarod: dog sledding 101
This hands-on presentation teaches participants the basics of mushing, introduces them to the history of dog sledding and the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, and gives an overview of equipment used in the sport. Participants get to meet Miles, a member of the team and our educational sled dog, see a dog sled, and other equipment used. Presentations last approximately an hour and are usually very well attended.

If you are interested in hosting a "Backyard Iditarod" educational presentation at your school, library or club, please contact me at mailto:lazyhuskyranch at yahoo.com. 

"Just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful, informative and fun program. Who could not love your wonderful dogs. Everyone enjoyed it so much. I think we will all be interested in tuning into the the Iditarod race in March.

Wishing you and your family much success and healthy dogs, Karen"

"Hello, I'm Emily, I'm 10 years old, and i went to your february 3rd ellet library talk. I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed and liked it. (So much that I recorded the whole thing on my camera, and have shown it to a lot of my friends and family, and they think it is very cool too) Thanks for doing the talk. Emily"

"Really enjoyed the program AND meeting Miles :)" PJ Kent, Michigan

"Shannon, Thank you for your entertaining and informative presentation on dog sledding and the Iditarod. I'm not sure if we had any future mushers in the audience, but everyone sure enjoyed meeting the dogs!" - Flora

"Shannon - Thank you so very much for all of the hard work you do with the Diamond Dogs." Bob Sadler
Sled dog FAQ's

"What kind of dogs are those? They don't look like sled dogs in the movies."

Racing sled dogs, called Alaskan huskies, are not what people typically think of when they think of "sled dogs." Racing huskies are bred from a lot of different working breeds; some have pointer, greyhound and other breeds in them. They are bred selectively for endurance and speed.

"Traditional" huskies, like our Siberian husky, Jack, are the "pretty sled dogs." They are typically the heavier-coated Siberians or Malamutes are are usually (not always) slower than their sleeker counterparts.

"Your dogs are so small. I thought they would be bigger than that."

People are often amazed at how small our dogs are (average weight is only about 40-45 pounds) and cannot believe they can pull such weight over long distances. Because of their breeding, which emphasizes speed and endurance, they are smaller and sleeker than many people expect when visiting the kennels. But don't be fooled! They are solid, lean pulling machines!

Think about it. How many marathon runners do you know who are big or chubby? The same holds true for our dogs.

"What do you feed your dogs? Are they on a special diet?"

Yes, our dogs eat better than most people do! The racing dogs get a balanced diet of high-protein, high-calorie kibble, and during the fall and winter when they're doing lots of training, they also receive lots of fresh meat along with their kibble. We mix all the ingredients together to make a sort of cereal, and the dogs love it! Usually they receive a mix of venison, beef tripe and ground beef in the winter months - lots of protein to build up muscle!

If you have any questions you'd like answered and posted on this page, please email me at lazyhuskyranch at yahoo dot com! 

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