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About Diamond Dogs Racing
We are a small sled dog kennel specializing in mid-distance sled dog racing. All of the dogs' pedigrees are available upon request.

#1 question we are asked: WHAT KIND OF DOGS ARE THOSE? 

Shannon Miller, Owner/Musher
Foxy, 12/28/95 - 8/30/12 
Retired Yukon Quest Leader/Educational Ambassador and kennel matriarch

Shannon's dream of racing sleddogs started with a job for eight-time Iditarod veteran, Frank Teasley, caring for his 180-dog kennel in 1997. Since then, this dream has transformed into a lifestyle. The kennel is a full-time job! But in addition to racing and doing educational presentations, Shannon is also a freelance photographer and writer. Photo above by Aladino Mandoli
Foxy, originally from Eagle, Alaska, ran the 2002 Yukon Quest for a musher named Wayne Hall. She crossed the rainbow bridge on August 30, 2012 and is a dearly missed member of our pack. We love you, Foxy! She founded the Lazy Husky Ranch educational dogsledding presentations. 
The dream has transformed into a lifestyle
Ruffian, 8 years
Position: Lead/point
Sponsor Ruffian: $300

Perry, 5 years
Position: Point/Team/lead
Sponsor Perry: $100
Halo, 2 years
Position: Team
Sponsor Halo: $100
Meet the Athletes!
Tosh, 5 years
Position: Lead
Sponsor Tosh: $100
Kennel Alma Matter 
by Elise Miller


Our dogs are big and strong,
They pull the sled
All day long,
And after they run
At night they rest
Our sled dog huskies
are the best.

They bark, bark, bark
And mush, mush, mush
Yeti's the leader
of the pack.
The other huskies
run in the back.
Blaze, 2 years
Position: Point/lead
Sponsor Blaze: $100

Fiona, 9 years
Position: Team/retired
Sponsor Fiona: $100
Mirage, 2 years
Position: Point
Sponsor Mirage: $100

In order to stay competitive, we usually have a new crop of puppies every few years. Sponsor a puppy: $50

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